the fifth adventure of miss croft is sadly boring and offers nothing new

User Rating: 6.5 | Tomb Raider Chronicles PC
Tomb Raider is one of the greatest series of all time well for me, ever since TR1 the series has done nothing but shine 1,2,3 and 4 were all Great then comes along Chronicles your immediate thought "hey wait haven't i seen this all before? and yes indeed we have, for example we begin our adventure in Rome which looks exactly the same as Venice but is nowhere near as interesting and fun to explore its extremely linear and just dull.

Lara can now Walk across Tightropes which is extremely annoying and not fun at all, now i know up to now im not giving this game any credit but to be honest it does not really deserve any i mean okay its still Tomb Raider the die hard fans can still enjoy it but it just does not offer anything new and the levels are really lame.

For example the later levels, if you ever played T3 the levels after Nevada in area 51 and high security compound which flat out was the worst part of T3 this game! Rehashes the same damn Idea! but get this its even longer than the two frustrating levels from T3 god why?

There is also a level where you play as young Lara in a spooky environment i cant really make much of it but its just so bland and totally devoid of excitement, yep you will be seeing no Diving Area or Barkhang Monastery here

The game is just okay at best and offers nothing im sorry but this game is Average must do better