a bizzare game,this tomb raider chronicles is!

User Rating: 7 | Tomb Raider Chronicles PS
this game is weird,but i like it.also,it's too short.the most important thing-the final level,red alert is impossible in my opinion.so think about it...
lara is supposed to be dead,buried under the ruins of the piramid in egipt.the thruth is that she's not dead...
it was a ceremony in the memory of lara croft at her mansion,where winston the buttler & some of lara's friends gathered to tell storyes about lara's adventures-there are 4 storyes which represent the 4 chapters of the game-overall 13 levels...13-indeed,the final level,the 13th is really impossible!anyway,it's a stupid level,it's not worth playing.
my favourite levels of the game are the ireland levels-3 levels where you have no wepons & lara is an adolescent,just like in the training levels of the previous game.in this part it's 100% percent adventure,like in no other tomb raider game.you will have a lot of thrills & scares.the atmosphere is "cold" & there's an fairy-tale "aura".you will meet super-natural things...i wish that many of the tomb raider levels where like this ones because they are trully awesome & unique.the other levels of the game are not so great,in fact, these ones & the italian levels are worth playing,in rest,the right word for the others is "dissapointing".i should have marked this game with 5-6,mediocre, but the ireland levels won't let me do that.
tr5-c. uses the engine of tr4-the last revelation.the sounds & music are poor & the gameplay is similar with the one from last revelation.
in italy lara is searching for the mercury stone,in the russian submarine levels(it sounds awesome,but it's not quite)for the spear of destiny,at the ireland levels she must banish a demon,or something like that & at the last levels,"the very hard ones",for the iris artifact.
it's interesting that zip is present in this game-everybody knows him from tr-legend.also,at some levels there pole to swing from,a thing specific only in the new tr games.so,in one way or other,tr-chronicles is somehow groundbreaking,but is far to call this game like that.i don't know,maybe the perfect words are-"too short" & "dissapointing".