What happened to Tomb Raider?

User Rating: 4 | Tomb Raider Chronicles PC
Every series has a sequel like this...A sequel that feels out of place and out of ideas...A sequel that brings nothing new to the table and seems like an excuse to get cash fast. Well, Chronicles is that chapter in the Tomb Raider series. It's not that Chronicles is that bad of a game. It can be fun in places, but, for the most part, it's the same old repetitive Tomb Raider game with the same old puzzles and the same old enemies, etc.

Maybe all of this could be a little forgivable if the game had a goal or a point to it, but it doesn't. At the end of "The Last Revelation"(the TR game released a year before), the games ending sequence showed Lara hang off the side of a cliff, about to fall to her death with the words TO BE CONTINUED. This game does not continue anything...in fact, there is no real storyline. The game is a collection of a bunch of four new adventures that took place in many different parts of Lara's life and three of the four adventures are boring and repetitive.

The only redeeming point of the game is the younger Lara levels, which(unlike the rest of the game)has a lot of interesting puzzles, a decent storyline, and a unique approach to gameplay. Honestly, the younger Lara levels are the only reason to buy the game.

I may be a little harsh, but the reason Tomb Raider games were always amazing, despite repetitive gameplay, was because each game brought a little something new. Chronicles has the same old gameplay, same old graphics(please design a new game engine...please), same old puzzles, and no storyline. What more do I need to say?