Getting old but we get to go back to the past.

User Rating: 7.5 | Tomb Raider Chronicles PS
Tomb Raider Chronicles is disliked by many for how short the game is and basicly being a money maker and somthing for fans to sink their teeth into while waiting for Tomb Raider Angel Of Darkness. I have to agree on this although i enjoyed this one and found it interesting even if it was basicly the same as the previous games. The game shows some of Lara's friends get together and discuss past adventures while Von Croy searches for Lara who is presumed dead after Tomb Raider 4's cliffhanger ending. As each person discusses one of Lara's past adventures that we never knew about we get to play the episode. There are 4 episodes finding the Philosophers Stone in Rome, the Spear Of Destiny in Russia, helping out demons and finding the Bestiary in Ireland and breaking into the VCI headquarters in New York City (where von croy works) to take back the Iris Artifact which if you played Tomb Raider 4 you will know Von Croy got trapped in the room with the artifact. Each episode takes place before certain games which led to much confusion for fans but after TRA recently cleared up TR1's story a bit better we can now place Romes episode before TR1, Russias before TR2, Ireland her first adventure as a child and VCI probably before TR3 as you can see the artifact in her mansion. The gameplay for Chronicles didnt change at all but some new moves were added which should have been in previous games to be honest. We got Tightrope walking,pole swinging and being able to forward role from openings which is very useful. Lara has set weapons for each epsiode this time so there isnt really any point in collecting hoards of ammo. The Pistols,Desert Eagle,Uzis,Revolver,Shotgun, MP5 make up the weapons this time. Lara has a Grappling Hook in the VCI section for a few parts and a Underwater Suit for the small underwater level in Russia. The game has 36 secrets in the form of Roses which is quite nice and getting all of them (which some are hard to get) unlocks artwork and some media on Tomb Raider Angel Of Darkness. The music was good i love the main theme and the FMV scenes are also very good. Lara also has a few different outfits too as usual. All in all if your a TR fan or looking for a short fun game play Chronicles :)