A good videogame

User Rating: 8 | Tomb Raider Chronicles PS
The internationally famous heroine Lara Croft is back once again. This time, however, she is presumed dead - it is thought she died in the ending of Tomb Raider 4 - and thus her closest friends and allies meet in Croft Manor to talk about their lost friend. The game evolves around the four friends' stories, about some unknown adventures throughout her life. This means that we once again meet characters such as Pierre and Larson from the original Tomb Raider, but somehow Lara still sports her new moves, although the story takes place in the past(?). Minor mistakes aside, Tomb Raider: Chronicles offers a nice stroll down memory lane, and gives the player some new and interesting aspects of Lara's life and personality.

The classic gameplay is still intact and has a few new additions. For starters, Lara can now walk on tightropes, swing on horizontal bars, and now you can drop forward off a ledge while crouching. The swimming in this TR is improved over TR4's, so you won't get stuck so easily. Overall the new additions, while under used, add some variety to the gameplay.