Chronicles turned out very easy and very short

User Rating: 6 | Tomb Raider Chronicles PC
In this installment of the Tomb Raider series you play through the memories of Lara Croft's closest friends and fellow explorers. It takes you to France, Islands and Submarines before ending in a city scape tower.

The game's story line doesn't follow any chronological order, and it doesn't really have to. Each one of the memories you play has it's own mini story.

The game was pretty much built on the same engine as the previous two Tomb Raider games, so don't expect anything new in terms of Graphics. It's exactly the same. The acting is mostly a bit dodgy as well. You also find yourself fighting with the camera angle. I know what they tried to do with some of the static camera's, but all it did was manage to confuse me.

The game is very short, completing it in 7 hours is not something you usually expect from a Lara Croft game. So I was kind of feeling cheated on this game. The puzzles weren't as complicated as the ones before, and I needed very little help from my friend the Walk Through.

All and all I think this wasn't the strongest game in the series leaving you feeling like you are missing out on a lot of puzzle work, and your hopes for a new graphic engine shattered. Tomb Raider fans will enjoy the attempt, but it's not a game you really NEED in your collection.