How Will YOU Customize Your Operative?

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Divison fanatics! How will you prepare your operative once Order 51 kicks in late 2014? I love to imagine fellow bad-asses in their decked out gear, favorite weapon(s) and unique abilities.This can be a great way for communal creativity as far as customization goes. I think this will also be a great opportunity for MASSIVE and Ubisoft to catch wind of some of the consumer's ideal load outs and looks!

You can follow this template if you'd like.

Name: Eyan

Codename: The Aphilliate

Gender: Male (black)

Hair: Low shaved, black hair. Light stubble beard.

Weapons: G36C + Stubby Front Grip + EOTech XPS + Green Laser (even if weapon attachments are merely for cosmetic purposes). Beretta 90-Two bone stock. Tomahawk (carbon fiber/black) if melee weapons are long as I have my G36C =) Even if melee weapons won't be used for PVP, they would be great for breaking through doors, walls, debris etc. while scavenging the city!

Clothes: Grey hoody with a darker brown leather jacket over the top (much like in the Demo, hood down), sleeves slightly pushed up. Dark blue jeans, thigh magazine holster, black chest rig with extra mags and grenades. Black military cadet cap (my trade mark in all of my outfits ), original timberland boots. I'd throw in a blue collard shirt with the collar sticking over the jacket if i can. Black fingerless gloves, or hands wrapped in tape

Skills/Abilities/Talent: Speed (faster sprinting or movement from cover to cover) and Ice related skills! Like ice ammo, or some sort of ice get the point. Of course all this is speculation, but this is my ultimate operative!

I will post other load outs after I read some of yours. Gotta post my two partners (as they do not have accounts).

Be creative! I want to hear about your bad-@ss character in The Divison!

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Name. Fordy

Gender male white

Hair short back.and sides

Weapons. Hk416 angled foregrip,torch,suppressor,holo sight. Sig sauer P226 laser light module

Clothes. Lowa desert boots. 5.11 olive green trousers. Grey t shirt, crye chest rig, black tactical jacket. Soft hat. Oakley clothes desert.

Abilities. Quick draw, target acquisition, pistol accuracy , tracer rounds

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Name: Onion (nickname)

Gender: Male; White

Hair: Light Red/Orange with Light Stubble; Light Green Eyes

Weapon: Mk17 (dark tan) with Aimpoint CompM2 Optics, Angled Foregrip, AN/PEQ-15 Module, and Ranger Plate Magazines, optionally Suppressed; Sawn-Off M79 Grenade Launcher (Explosive, Incendiary, Tear Gas, Smoke, etc.), Glock 17 (dark tan grip) with Suppressor and Laser/Flashlight Module; Kukri (stainless steel, black grip)

Clothing: M65 Jacket (OD, aka dark greyish green), Condor Vertical Shoulder Holster (dark gray, under jacket), Ammunition Bandolier (dark gray, over jacket), Cargo Pants (light gray), Hiking Boots (dark brown), Fingerless Gloves (black), Right Thigh M79 Holster (OD), Left Thigh Mk17 Magazine Pouches (OD), Light Kneepads (gray), Lightweight Assault Backpack (dark tan), Armband (dark turqoise), optional Balaclava (tan), optional AN/PVS-7 NVG

Abilities: Sawn-Off M79 Grenade Launcher (Explosive, Incendiary, Tear Gas, Smoke, etc.), Stealth, Fast Movement

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Name: Pearce

Male, white

Hair: black, not too long not too short, eye color green

Weapons: Assault Rifles: CM901, suppressed, hybrid sight(holographic sight with a magnifier), M203 grenade launcher, tactical flashlight.

SMGs: KRISS vector, Osprey silencer, flaslight, holographic sight, flashlight, extended mag.

Battle Rifles: RSASS, flashlight, silencer, bipod

Sniper Rifles: M110, silencer, bipod, flashlight

Sidearm: Sig Sauer P226, silencer, flashlight. Kimber 1911, silencer, flashlight

Clothing: Black tank top, with a tan 5.11 tactical long sleeve button shirt over the tank top with a Coyote brown Marines special ops tactical fleece jacket, black valken Zulu gloves, tactical 5.11 black cargo pants, black c8894 stealth swat boots, black HDE heavy duty lightweight military MOLLE tactical assualt bag,Phantom CORDURA 1000 denier force recon tactical vest, Blackhawk serpa level 2 tactical thigh rig holster, under armor mens tactical stealth beanie, 5.11 burner style polarized sunglasses, black knee pads.

I apologize for the long list but I really want my detail and personal touch to shine.

Abilities/Accessories: m67 frags, m18 smokes, c4, rope, flashbangs, flares

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Name: Safaro

Gender: Male (white); 6’2, 200 lbs

Hair: dark brown fohawk like hair/ bright green eyes/ slight stubble

Primary: ACR 556 (charcoal) with Acog Ta31, Vertical Foregrip, Blue Laser, Sand Seal Magazine, rarely suppressed with a Threaded Amazoid Suppressor

Sidearm: Springfield M1911 (licorice body and grip) Red Laser under barrel, and pirate theme etched into grip.

Melee: Bear & Son Butterfly Knife (chrome)

Clothing: North Face Beanie (charcoal), Tinted Ray Ban Sunglasses (licorice), WOVTE Half Skull Mask, Monrovia Jacket (black olive), Lightweight Hiking Dibi Backpack (davy’s gray), Lindis Hiking Pants (licorice), Tactical Hiking Boots (davy's gray), Tactical Military Combat Duty Web Belt (eerie black), Right Thigh Safariland 1911 Duty Holster (charcoal), Lightweight Knee/Elbow Pads (eerie black), Seibertron S.O.L.A.G. Full Finger Tactical Gloves (licorice)

Abilities: ACR/M1911/Backpack [Tracer round, Flare, Hand Grenade, Smoke, Tear Gas, Etc…) High Ranked Agility/Stealth Oriented

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Name: Jason

Nickname: Frost

Gender: Male/White

Hair: Bright white hair that reaches the tips of eyes/ice blue eyes

Primary: M4A1 (matte black) with

EOTech XPS2-0 Holographic Sight, Angled Foregrip, Forend Weapon Light, Extended Magazine, Amazoid Suppresser

Secondary: Kimber .45 (Desert tan with a snake skin grip) with a Green Laser, Amazoid Suppresser

Melee: SOG Tanto Combat Knife (licorice)

Clothing: Hurley beanie (hunter green), Oakley Sunglasses (matte black), Half Neoprene American Flag Ski Mask (licorice and white), Hot Tad v 4.0 Hunting Jacket (hunter green) Red Rock Outdoor Gear Assault Backpack (hunter green and licorice),

Mechanix M-Pact Fingerless Gloves (carbon black), Tactical Cargo Pants (hunter green), Military Combat belt With Attached .45 Holster (charcoal), Lightweight Combat Knee Pads (charcoal), Salomon X Ultra Winter Hiking Boots (carbon black)

Abilities: (Hollow-Point, Flash Bang, Frag Grenade, Etc...) Quick Movement, Skilled Hand to Hand, Deadeye