This game is getting way too much hype.

User Rating: 4 | Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Essentials PSP
When I first bought this game i was pretty excited,so excited that i almost wet myself.I could'nt believe a splinter cell game was in the bargain bin...until I put it in the psp. Not even a splinter cell fanboy like me would like this game.

You rotate the camera by holding o and moving the analog stick and boy is it tedious.The controls for sam are OKAY but the developers could have done a better job.But it can get fun sometimes and the game is way too dark and boring most of the time.

Graphics 4/10
The graphics are pitiful for a psp game if it was on ds they would be passable but for the psp they are sloppy.

There is'nt much of a story in this game. It wont WOW you in any way it is just OKAY.

Overall 4/10
This game does not suck that bad it just sucks for a SC game i was very dissapointed. This game might be a buy for masacists but only a rent for fans but everyone else is better off without it.