What a bad game!

User Rating: 6.5 | Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Essentials PSP
The gameplay and control are soo diiffffiicuulltt. It's really hard to positioning the camera. The buttons aren't so responsive. Sometimes, when you want to make the character runs by pushing the analog stick, he is walking slowly. It's so frustating man.

At the first mission, the graphic is well and make me eager to play. But the mission in the jungle doesn't give that well graphic. The graphic is just standard. It's hard to see, especially when you are staying in the shadows. Sometimes I got lost and stuck on the wall.

The storyline is just good. Basic simple, basic simple

Well, the game is just too short. The reason why I choose the hard difficulty is because it's hard to control the character. And the graphic is lame.

Review Summary:
Well, i don't know what will the Splinter Cell fans say about this. This is my first SC game. And for me this game is disappointing. I don't how the other series are. Just this one is a mess up. I don't recommend it. I expected an amazing game, but this game is so lame.