EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I FRIGGIN LOVE IT!!!!!!!

User Rating: 9.8 | Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Essentials PSP
i was afrade before it came out that it would be bad but as soon as i picked it up and started playing i was like OMG I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! absolute BEST psp game EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! although some of the sound, such as the water got on my nervs because it would loop a one second clip over and over, but still everything else is great!!!! loading times are good, Lighting is fantastic! GReat game, expecually if your a Splinter cell fan like me! you will be completly addicted. i played one mission for about 3 hours last night(10:00PM-1:30am)
I diddnt wanna put it down but i needed to go to bed :p
although the grafix arnt the best, i think that they toned them down so that they could expand the maps, and make the lighting more realistic and to make the loading times shorter. also the AI is pretty smart, smartest ive ever seen on a handheld, if you walk in the light for a split second, and a guards around he will freak out and shoot you! fun, but frustrating. and the controls arnt that hard to get used to! it realy makes up for the lack of a second joy stick! tap O to get the camera behind Sam and hold O plus move the joystick around to look anywere! also they make up for the lack of buttons verry well! you have to hold down some buttons and you will do different things, and also the Thermal vision grafix are AMAZING!!! I love it, a Revolution for the PSP and if you dont already own this GO OUT AND BUY IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!