User Rating: 5 | Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Essentials PSP
Splinter Cell Essentials is a game with a bunch of "supposedly" important missions and plot points of Sam Fisher's illustrious career as a Third Echelon operative. But each mission is so disconnected from each other that it feels like you've only watched one episode per season of a tv show. The ending is somewhat anti-climactic that I didn't know that it was my last mission. Credits began to roll as I stare stupidly with that WTF look at the screen.

And I would like to say that developers should do handheld games some justice. Just because it's smaller compared to it's console counterpart doesn't mean the fun should be diminished too. Not that I'm mad.

OK back to review.

Game is decent stealthy fun. It's what you expect on a SC game. Missions are challenging but it goes a little bit hard especially when taking down enemies up front..
Controls takes a short while to getting used to. The camera takes a little bit of practice and tolerance but can be detrimental at times. NOTE: mapping camera controls in the same buttons(or analog stick in this case) as the movement control is not a bad idea. It's worse.

Splinter Cell Essentials offers some decent fun if you crave stealth games on the PSP but it's faced with minor issues and it's low on content that you're better off getting the PS2 games for a Splinter Cell history lesson.

Double Agent best evah.