This game is an amazing attribute.

User Rating: 10 | Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Nijuu Spy X360
This game was surprisingly fun. Lots of action and stealth. In fact they balance out quite wonderfully. If you need a good stealth game like metal gear solid 4 but don't have a PS3 but a 360 instead, I think you should get this. Of course it doesn't quite match to the standards of metal gear solid 4 but you understand that its ALMOST near to metal gear solid 4.

So enjoy.


With all due respect.
I hope you would spend a little of your life playing this because you can learn a lot of practical skills such as human psychology from this!

Another well thing is you can distract, react, and respond. You can evade, invade, and devade. Its a beautiful thing, it almost matches life, but we all know life is better so everyone get outside and get active. In the future many people will be obese, and if you were to have muslces you would be envied by many!