Sam Fisher we all know and love is back,and he's ready to blow you away!

User Rating: 9.5 | Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction PC
When this game was announced i didin't know what to think about it,but when i finally got it,I was suprised,but in a good way.Splinter cell takes a new turn with Conviction,the slow phased"wait for the enemy to come and strike" thing is gone and now it's all about being stealth,moving fast and striking enemies from above and beyond.

I've been with the franchise since the start and I love all the prevoious games,played them all and experienced what the developers put out there.And i gotta say that these brand new mechanics and a jump from slow phase to fast phase is pretty good,tho I love conviction but without having the other games,for me,it would feel uncomplete.It's always good to have the variety like that.

Graphics in this game are just what you would expect,they look phenomenal,models are great,the enveironments look awesome and the animations are good.Just as what you would expect from a 2010 game.
The voice acting is spectacular,Michael Ironside is back once again to spice the action with the spectacular Sam Fisher.
Sound design is ok,everything sounds like it's suppose to sound,it doesen't feel clunky in any way.
The story is great,it starts off after the events of Double Agent,sam's daughter sarah being murdered that is.
Sam is more brutal,lethal,and faster than ever beffore.

To any splinter cell fans out there,this is a must have,If u are new to the series I deffiently recommend getting this game,tho story-wise i would go with double agent first(from the beginning if possible xD,but all the major events regarding conviction events happen in double agent).

The only bad thing i would say in this game is the afghanistan mission,most game mechanics have been removed for that mission,its pure FPS mission.

All in all 9.5