[9.25/10] Sam Fisher is back with another entry that improves pretty much on everything, including new cover system.

User Rating: 9 | Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction (Collector's Edition) X360
Splinter Cell: Conviction's reboot of the franchise nearly hits the nail on the head, although as far as the single player campaign goes, it's as if Ubisoft Montreal ran out of ideas in the end. Suited and booted with some great co-op and multiplayer modes, Conviction is quite easily one of the year's hottest action titles.

-- Lets Review --

* Visuals - 90/100
Splinter Cell: Conviction is an impressive looking title on the whole, although the title suffers from a few technical oversights when you're immersed in the shadows, it's not enough to spoil a great visual package.

* Gameplay - 95/100
The cover mechanics and controls are as tight and responsive as they've ever been. With Sam's impressive new agility and prowess, Conviction is one of the greatest Splinter Cell titles created from a control perspective. A great co-op story mode and three – or four if you count Infiltration mode – impressive Deniable Ops modes are letdown ever so slightly by a campaign that loses its way in the final few hours. Splinter Cell: Conviction's perfect balance of stealth and aggression gets replaced by a mediocre third person shooter ending.

* Sound - 85/100
Great voice acting and mostly impressive soundtrack. Conviction's downfall arises from some repetitive comments, some random and out of place pieces of musical score and some of the worst lip syncing ever... when are Ubisoft Montreal going to get their act together in terms of lip syncing!?

* Story Mode - 95/100
With ties severed from Third Echelon, Sam Fisher kicks off the events of Conviction as a lone wolf and after a tip-off from an old friend, Sam is cast back into the limelight as he sets off on a mission of vengeance. Well, that was what the game was billed as, and for the most part, that's correct, but Ubisoft Montreal found a way to bring Sam back into full bloodied action as he once again sets off to save the President of the US from an upcoming terrorist plot. While the story is a little wishy-washy to start with, as you delve deeper into the mysterious terrorist plot, the game's story actually comes into its own, ending with an epic finale.

Splinter Cell Conviction gets an Outstanding 9/10