Maybe I'm Just Easy to Please...I liked yet another Splinter Cell adventure.

User Rating: 9 | Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction PC
I did not find any memorable faults playing it locally. No lockups, no crashes nothing that prevented me from finishing a mission except my lack of reflexes in a couple of places. Honestly, I didn't play it online. I can understand that super advanced players may not feel challenged by this game but the bulk of buyers of this game are probably not in that skill category. I enjoyed the creative maneuvers available in each scenario. The radar vision was almost like cheating but it helped level the odds. The storyline was at least as good as any of the other Splinter Cell games. Graphics and cut scenes are awesome. The designers provided numerous opportunities to artistically kill bad guys, bravo. I have liked all the Splinter Cell games, this one is no exception. The extras that come with the game are fun too. Buy it! Enjoy it!