The most action Splinter Cell series

User Rating: 10 | Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction PC
If you looking for a good shooter with great storyline,little stealth,good graphics and gameplay,so your search its ended.
SCC its not a game for children.I finished it last week and I wants more>This game rocks!
You can do stealth if you like,but if you are the kind of guy whom like shoot first and ask later, so you can launch your granade in that group of chating terrorists or appear from nothing and open fire with your machine gun in the middle of the night!
Yes you are Sam Fisher but you are old and wants a retirement.All you need is rescue your daughter and kick some asses so you got your vacations. You have a large options of weaponry and you can upgrade them,you have lots of skins and clothes to choose.And there is a great extra single player game called Denied Ops, but unfortunately multiplayer is empty of players...
I recommend this game if you like shooters, but if you have lots of time and patience maybe the other titles of the series should be better for you.