A completely different SC game, a damn good one too !

User Rating: 9 | Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction PC

As you might have known, this game has been in the making for quite a while now, undergoing a number of changes in development in the process. What finally comes out as a result is a fine game of stealth and intense story-telling, which upholds the high standards of the franchise.

The story kicks off after the conclusion of Double Agent, where we see Sam retired from Third Echelon after the death of his daughter, but now on a new lead which tells him all that he knew to be true is actually false, as the story slowly unfolds. The story might not take satisfyingly long to complete, but it is intense with the plot constantly on the move with newer details coming up every now and then. The levels are intricately detailed and the AI works fantastic to make the new feature, executions, a joy to play with.

Tying in with the story, the complete game mechanics have been re-done, with the cover system turning out to be the best you’ll play in any game. Hiding in the shadows bleach out the colors from the screen, which makes hiding easy and different to look at.

Sam here grows as a character, pushed to the extremities of tolerance and in emotional soup after the multi-revelations regarding his personal life, and professional. You will remember this campaign to be one hard-hitting, finely crafted short journey through the life of a man you hopefully are well introduced to.

In addition you have the co-op multiplayer which is fun to play with a friend, and the Deniable Ops where you pick a Third Echelon agent and using gadgets and guns get to clear out levels outside the main game. It is fun playing as these agents, who are fast and play very much like Sam himself. The new point system in the story mode gives you score for each advanced tactics you use to neutralize your enemy of escape silently, and these points can be used to unlock enhancements for guns throughout the game.

This game re-invents the stealth genre with classy new ideas, where just hiding in the shadows and making less noise is not the sole criteria. Older Splinter Cell players will find this modern, new ones will find this amazing.