After 4 long years Sam Fisher is back. And this time, he is out for vengeance.

User Rating: 8 | Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction (Collector's Edition) X360
Now, remember when this game was in development, and they showed us a homeless Sam, picking up improvised weapons? Well, thanks God that didn't see the light of day. That right there should be an example on why games should take as much time as they should.

In Conviction, Sam Fisher has gone rogue, seeking answers he desperately wants. The most serious and personal Splinter Cell, you'll see another side of Sam that you did not think existed. Michael Ironside does an amazing job once again bringing Sam to life.

So what has changed? Well, a bunch of features and gadgets are removed. Gone are the sticky shockers, mines and most gadgets, along with the light and sound meters. In a way, it does make sense, seeing how Sam obviously doesn't work for 3rd Echelon anymore. As the game progresses, Sam does gain access to more gadgets. Another new thing that was introduced was the ability to wield any weapon. You basically have your pistol, and a secondary weapon, be it an assault rifle, shotgun, or SMGs. You can pick up an enemy's weapon, and it will be added to your load out storage. You can also upgrade the weapons as well, ranging from weapon power, to ammo storage.

Mark and Execute is another new feature that is well done. It really suits the game's pacing perfectly, if you want to place a fast paced playthrough.

Multiplayer I would say is my favorite part. Sadly, SvM does not return. However, Co-op returns, as well as new modes. Outside of co-op, you have Hunter, which is basically clear the area of enemy reinforcements, which can also be played solo, (trust me, it's a lot more fun than it sounds) face off, last stand, and infiltration. My absolute favorite part is customizing your character. This is really well done, both cosmetically and game play wise. Want to withstand more damage? You can equip a layer of protected gear. Equip more gadgets and ammo? Attach a couple of pouches.

Now, there are hardcore Splinter Cell fans that despise this game, and it's understandable. Is this a bad game? No, not at all. If you treat it as a stand alone, non-splinter cell game, you'll enjoy it. But, if you play it as a Splinter Cell game, you'll have way more fun than just going in and shooting everything in site. I myself had so much more fun playing it as a classic Splinter Cell.

My only problems with this game despite the removal of features, are: the black and white effect, and the swearing from guards. When you are hidden in the shadows, the screen goes monochrome, indicating you are hidden. I wish they would have thought of something else, as playing in black and white most of the time gets annoying. The swearing from the guards is terrible. Now, I'm not offended by swearing, but it gets really annoying when every other word spoken by guards is a cuss word. They sound more like 8th graders trying to be cool and edgy.

If you are a Splinter Cell fan, this game is definitely worth the playthrough. Even if you don't like the SP, (which is amazing) MP will be enough justification to play this game. If you are not a Splinter Cell fan, then this game is also perfect for you. Fan or not, this game is perfect for everyone.