A dismally watered-down, broken 'remake' of a what was a great stealth game on consoles.

User Rating: 6 | Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell 3D 3DS
The last time Ubisoft tried to bring the Splinter Cell series to portables with Splinter Cell Essentials, they failed miserably. This time around, they would have failed miserably again if it wasn't for the fact that Chaos Theory, the game remade for the Nintendo 3DS, was a great game on consoles. There are some changes: the game controls slightly better than Splinter Cell Essentials, the soundtrack of Chaos Theory is remixed and similar to Splinter Cell Conviction, objectives are written on walls to help you figure out what you're supposed to do - which the game wouldn't have done a good job of explaining otherwise. Even then, the remake is barely a shadow of its excellent self on consoles.

Multiplayer, co-op, heat vision goggles, saving anywhere, mission loadouts have been removed. How does this game even qualify as a remake when it removes or ruins more than half of what the actual game had? The enemy AI is laughably stupid and you don't even need to bother about being stealthy - the enemies sometimes don't even notice you when you walk past. The graphics also happen to be bad and dismally dark. Even with the brightness at maximum setting, you can only see properly if you play in total darkness. And the 3D effect is , for the most part, non-existent; turning on the 3D slider to the maximum setting just might make you think that there is a slight effect in there somewhere.

At least the controls are better than Essentials. You can control the camera with the face buttons, move with the circle pad and the touch screen is also used to interact with some things. But the enemy AI is so bad, the game would have been easy even if the controls weren't good.

The only good thing about Splinter Cell 3D is that, no matter how hard the developers seem to have tried to ruin the game completely, Chaos Theory was still a great game. And thought it's a shadow of its glory on the 3DS, the story is still good and the voice acting is still great. The remixed soundtrack is somewhat welcome, even though I myself prefer the original soundtrack. Even then, Splinter Cell 3D is hard to recommend to anyone; even those who liked Chaos Theory.