It's 2013 and I am playing this game for the millionth time.

User Rating: 9.5 | Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory XBOX
I guess the only reason why I am writing this review is so that people don't forget just how great this game is all these years later. It came out 8 years ago, but I still find myself completely addicted to it. Phenomenal lighting, really intuitive and engaging stealth, fantastic voice acting, and decently varied levels.

The overall plot of the game is a little watery but, honestly, when the gameplay is this good who really gives a shit? You can tackle it like a ghost (my preference) or tackle it like a bull in a china shop and wreak as much havoc on your enemies as you want. I prefer total stealth; no kills (unless necessary), no alarms, hide your passed out bodies, leave no trace of yourself behind.

One thing that sort of annoys me all these years later is that after each mission is completed, you get a score card that analyzes how you did and gives you a percentage score. I find it to be unbearably arbitrary as it can sometimes feel like a psychological kick in the nuts. I mean, there you are, having a ball making your way through the mission, feeling very good about yourself. Then, end of mission and, BAM you get a score of like 55%. What's the point of that?

Visually and game-play wise, this game endures and I urge anyone reading this to grab a copy (so cheap on eBay and on the used shelves in game shops) or dust off your old one and get playing again.