this game dont get me wrong is a solid shooter but its a stripped game and i thought it would have more

User Rating: 6 | Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell 3D 3DS
this was one of my first titles for the 3ds but it dissapointed me for the lack of content its fun but i personally think this game is something you would play if you were on a short time period also dont do that if you want to save your progress the save points are almost always far away and if you are even close to one theres always a battle waiting right by the save point but all in all the games ok not the best 3ds game yet not the worst game possibly bargin bin worthy they can fix the lack of content by simply releasing free dlc that would be the missing content a very good idea and actually if they did that then they could release more free dlc that would be extra missions but the controls are fine the story is good too and the only problem is lack of content so buy this game if you want but dont expect the original