While Sam Fisher has done better before, this just about does the job.

User Rating: 6 | Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory DS
Splinter Cell started off in 2003 and was rated as a great game and a good story and 2 years on Chaos Theory was rated the best in the series....well on the DS that's not the case this time around. Since the home console versions can pack more in than the DS lite then some good things will be removed, for example the graphics look cheap and really grainy. The controls though are good and they are simple to use, A, B, X and Y to adjust the camera, Shoulder buttons to draw your gun and fire, D-pad to move and the touch screen to select weapons, gadgets, grenades and health packs. They are the basic actions but the advanced actions are a bit frustrating to do. Sneaking up on a guard is hard enough but actually knocking him out is hardcore, the buttons have no options so if you press A you might kill him or not because there is not tab explaining what the button will do so you will forget what button to press.
The gameplay is boring, you will go through each level killing guards and getting to the end, yeah it's like that. The 2nd mission though is outrageous. Why? YOU CAN'T KILL ANYONE.
Seriously you have to sneak past guards knocking the out with a tazer-like-thing and breaking into a building, hacking into 3 computers within 5 minutes, IT'S TOO INSANE. Overall I think the game needed more time in development and feels rushed and unfinished. There are a few good things in there like you can switch between camouflage in the options screen and the tutorial was a bit fun but the main game is that boring and dull you might as well replay the whole tutorial over and over again. Unbalanced.