This game is great.

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I rented it over the weekend from Redbox, and wow. Unlike most, I actually enjoyed Conviction a lot, but was disappointed in the lack of variety in the gameplay. And in comes Blacklist. Blacklist basically takes Conviction, and makes a true, legitimate Splinter Cell game out of it. The amount of useful gadgets and customization made this game an absolute blast to progress through, and the gameplay itself strikes a good balance between Conviction's new style of gameplay and the concept of Splinter Cell games of old. Basically, I haven't enjoyed a Splinter Cell game this much since Chaos Theory.

Oh, and to the naysayers who pretend that the 'new' Sam Fisher ruins the game, I disagree. While it was sort of odd getting used to Sam looking and sounding younger than he ever has, I thought that it still very much Sam Fisher, and by the time I got to the end I had practically forgotten they had switched voice actors. Just had to throw that out there. :P

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Hell yeah its awesome. I think Sam's new voice works. You can do so many crazy ass things its fun.
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I loved this game, I'm going through my second playthrough right now. I played the original games as well and I can tell you now that this is my favorite one, then Chaos Theory. I understand why some people don't like it, it does feel like conviction at times but I enjoyed this game a lot.