the wii u version and its special secret exclusives!!!!

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the wii u version is amazing!!!

in multiplayer we have cool exclusives that you cant get on any other system!


1) walk-through-walls suit:

yes! in our version mercs can walk through walls!! its soooo much fun! and you dont have to buy it. it comes standard. in fact you cant unequip it. 


2)spies invincibility suit:

spies have their own exclusive invinciblitiy suit. no matter how many times a merc kills them, they just get back up!! The problem is spies that are wearing this suit cannot hack terminals. so they just lazy about....


3) who needs friends?

connecting with friends is lame. I mean, why would you want to do that!?

instead you can sit in the multiplayer lobby pretending to have friends to play with.

Wanna join me in co-op?

why? just play it yourself!! the wii u splinter cell version understood this! so they took the matchmaking friend thing and through it out the window!


I will let you know if I come across any other cool exclusives!