Repeating Mistake

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The gameplay looks like it's the same as Conviction. Do the developers not know how bad that game was? IMO that game was horrible BECAUSE of the gameplay. I miss the old splinter Cell.....

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Different strokes for different folks. I've been a fan since Chaos theory and have loved every Splinter Cell game. Only one I wasn't hot over was Double Agent. I welcome the change, and understand what you mean, but it seems like they're adding some "old" Splinter Cell back in to it while adding a few new stuff. Hopefully they can make the campaign more difficult though.
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They just seem to be completely oblivious to fan opinion, but I don't looks okay, and Conviction was a good start but the game needed a lot more depth and it needed the difficulty to be turned up a lot.

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Yeah it looks like it plays a lot like conviction, which is too bad.  Conviction's campaign is awful.  It's not a true splinter cell at all. I loved trying to sneak through the old games without killing anyone.  Now they encourage it.