Purchased all goggles! Still no improvment!!

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Hi, If you watched 2:37 in the first gameplay demo for blacklist here: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=6_W2t2ty-SU The goggles were ridculsouly clear! I bought all goggles & tried each one of them they all not that clear! Definietly not like the video Then I noticed the upgrades for each goggle! Maybe you should equip the right goggle for the right envirmoent? I tried the long range goggles upgraded it with urban for the pakastani embassy misssion! Still not like the video What you guys think?
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Even the alpha goggles?

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On the PC, you have to turn on your goggles by pressing the F key, then switch to your sonar vision by pressing the X key. Every upgrade you purchase improves upon the upgrades you bought before. Once you buy the color upgrade, the sonar mode will no longer be black and white. Instead it will appear in bright oranges and reds.