Ps-3 Frame Rate Freezes & Slows to a Crawl Mid-Game

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Hi. I bought Blacklist recently and while playing the main campaign/single-player story missions the frame rate drops to a crawl, 1 frame stays for 10 sec or more before the next frame comes. The game literally turns into a slide-show, kind of like what happens when you try to play a PC game on weak computer which has no graphics card and the game just plays 1 frame then freezes for over 10 sec before a new frame comes then freezes another 10+ sec etc..

The first 2 chapters I had no such problem, on the 3rd chapter(Chicago, Festive Hall) is when the problem first occurred, I had just knocked-out the last hostile in the area and was about to go through to the next area/check point when the game slowed down to crawl and I was unable to open the door to move forward to the next area.

I quit, and restarted the chapter since it was just the beginning of the said chapter, I defeated all the enemies and the moment I took out the last hostile again the game slowed down to a crawl. So I quit again.

A few days later I made another attempt, I reloaded the chapter and the same problem occurred. I quit the game and went to the install file and deleted it, I then restarted the ps3 system and made a new install. I tried playing the chapter afresh and the frame rate again comes to a crawl after beating the last enemy, but this time from frustration of playing the same area over and over and getting the same problem, I decided to attempt to go and open the door to the next area, it took me over 15 min of frustrations but eventually I managed to open the door and I got a new check point, but the game was still slow so I quit to the title screen and then immediately continued and this time the new check-point area was ok and I managed to finish the chapter with no problems.

But a few days later when I was almost finishing chapter 4 the problem occurred again as soon as I beat the last hostile, since I knew restarting the chapter does not solve the problem, plus I was almost finishing the chapter, I attempted to get a fresh check point like in the previous chapter but this time the area was too big and I was unable to find the exit/check point.

Am totally frustrated coz its a good stealth game and I was having a blast but now am unable to proceed and finish the game.

Anyone else with the same problem ? Any ideas on what could be the problem and how do I solve it ?

PS-3 Super-Slim CECH-4000 model.

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This happens with me too. Usually occurs if I'm going too fast for the game and it has to catch up. :P