possible future of stealth

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if blacklist happens to be as good as it videos then it might be the no 1 stealth game in my book.

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No way this game is the future of stealth, they should of stuck to the original formula that put Splinter Cell on the map, Chaos Theory is still the best stealth game ever made.
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Don't you think from what they have shown of the gameplay of Splinter Cell: Blacklist it does seem to be headed in the right direction? I am a long time fan of the series and I agree that Chaos Theory is the best stealth SC game. But I don't know about you, but for me, I really enjoyed the break in the series that Splinter Cell: Conviction brought. The gameplay footage that we've seen showed us that elements have been incorporated from SplinterCell: Conviction while bringing Sam back to what he does best... stealth and espionage. The three gameplay modes that I saw in the video also looked extremely intriguing and look as though they will add a lot of challenge on how to approach different situations. I love the scoring system too way cool. I agree that Splinter Cell should be the precedent of stealth and future stealth games. I don't think that Sam Fisher will dissapoint, it seems to me that Ubisoft is in this to deliver a quality game. I cannot wait on Aug 20, 2013, we will see what Ubisoft and Blacklist have to offer...
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Yeah, I also liked the ghost/panther/assault feature they introduced, coz in Conviction, Ubisoft basically forced us to kill everyone in our way, but now, it looks like possibility to complete a level without any alerts, firefights or casualties is once again available. Furthermore, I don't really get what everyone's problem with fluidity is. No one forces you to use killing-in-motion or mark-and-execute, these are for those players who like more action-less stealth (not me - I loved previous (pre-Conviction) splinter cells). Anyway, it even, for me at least, seems kind of appropriate that Sam is able to do these things in the game, he is, after all, a highly trained special forces operative with years of experience and he should be able to be so agile and capable, though he is supposed to be more than 50...

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Oh man they can take the conviction formula and stuff it; what an awful and unworthy addition to the Splinter Cell series. I for one was super pumped to see this when they announced it, and then super disgusted to see that it still used the formula from the last one, even though storywise it seems to be a return to the roots.  Its a huge let down.  I am thoroughly disgusted.