no michael ironside no sam fisher

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If they are going to change the voice actor to someone that sounds nothing like michael ironside then change the character all together and give sam a cameo roll with he real voice actor. 

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hey thats a good point! but then again they'd have to come up with a brand new character and they don't need that hassle... whats that? they have the guys from Pandora tommorow who just disappeared, they have Archer (conviction) to mention a few. lol
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I couldn't agree more! I am so disappointed with this decision:( It doesn't make any sense to me at all. It's bad enough that Michael wasn't hired to act as the voice of Sam (and the reason why is absolutely insulting and ridiculous) but they made Sam move and talk like a 20-30 year old! They are destroying this franchise IMO. Maybe the game will be good, but that doesn't even matter any more. They f'd the story and legacy of Sam Fisher up so badly...


They SHOULD have had a new Splinter Cell as the main character and have Sam (Michael Ironside) play an Operations Coordinator role and be the voice in the ears of the "new guy". Seriously, Fuk the new creative director for destroying this once amazing character and series!

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There's a rumour that M. Ironside didn't like playing the part of Sam Fisher. That he did it for the money. This rumour is backed up quite satisfactorily by interviews.

Be glad he did 4 good games as Sam Fisher.

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Yeah I don't buy the reason they gave that they wanted to use someone younger for motion capture. In Halo 4, they just recorded the VA's work over the actors. I would have preferred to see us play as someone new with Sam as your commanding officer - it would've made sense

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i don't buy Ubisoft's reasons either Ironside has said flat-out that he doesn't like how shallow the character has been more often than not(he did like the drastic changes we saw in Conviction & Double Agent though), it's not a rumor. Ubisoft's hands might be tied on this one, the reasons for any developer to do something like this to a major franchise comfortably....well I can't even think of any good reason. From a creative or business standpoint. Even from Ubisoft one of the kings of bad decisions. Some say they won't play it at all, I won't go that far if reviews are good. Couple things I'm curious about though is why Ironside is involved as "consultant" at all, if that's true. Or if a few articles out there are right, saying Ubisoft decided to reboot the character in appearance/voice to lessen the divide between Blacklist and the movie coming out in the future(sounds a bit far fetched but who knows).
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To be honest always gonna love the splinter cell series, loved them since i first started playing them Im like all you guys im pissed that michael ironside is not voicing sam fisher, it was like you always new that voice and to now bring someone new in is a big disappointment but hopefully this new guy does the trick.... apparently ironside didnt wanna do voice acting if someone else is making hes movements, because its not like the voice acting is the same as ironsides movements, which in a way makes sense but as the same time makes us the fans pissed because when we kill or save someone we gotta hear this new guy and not the original sam fisher voice.
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I like the idea of Sam leading Fourth Echelon, but it's really time for him to quit field work. They showed with Archer and Kestral that they can make new characters that are still interesting. This game should have had you play as a new Splinter Cell recruit, with Sam filling the same role that Lambert had in the other games (that way they would even be able to keep Ironside, and it makes more sense than a near 60-year-old man who's the LEADER OF THE WHOLE ORGANIZATION doing field work)

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Actually think that this is a pretty good idea
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but the thing is I wouldn't be able to guess Ironside age if I only heard his voice anyway, I don't think most people would. what kind of gamer is so discerning that they want the voice and physical movements to match perfectly? if there are any, they are super rare.