Michael Ironside. We need him back!

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This has been a common rage topic, even before the game's release, but I wanted to voice my opinion now that the fire has settled just a bit. Blacklist is fantastic in almost every way a video game can be, and I would argue that it's my favorite in the series, especially with the return of Pandora's "Spies vs. Mercs" multiplayer mode to top off the hefty gameplay package. That being said, no amount of time has made the loss of Michael Ironside an easy one. It haunted me every moment of the campaign, and I never got over it. He has been such a staple...no.. a legend of an actor to represent Sam Fisher in the Splinter Cell series, that it just feels like a new game without him. In my mind, it is the equivalent of making a Zelda game without Link or turning Grand Theft Auto into a side scroller. Exaggerations aside, what do you all think? Do you agree or have times changed? Should I embrace a Michael Ironsideless future or should we fight for his return?
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He doesn't want to come back he even said around the time conviction came out that he was tired of voice Sam but came back especially for conviction because the story was something different; so he kind of stated that would be his last game. So most likely it was not just a Ubisoft decision to change voice actor.
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I agree with all of you on Michael Ironside ,,,,but yes unfortunately  he didnt want to continue as the voice of Sam Fisher..so lets just enjoy the game..Am glad they went back to the true Sam Fisher  not the rogue one we saw in the last couple of Splinter Cell games.