Loadouts & Weapon Upgrades/Attachments

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I'd like to know what your Loadouts are and any Upgrades/Attachments you have for your weapons. I'd also love to know, does Armor Piercing really increase damage? It seems that Armored or not, my enemies always take the same amount of shots to kill (usually 2 - 3 up close, no matter what Ammo is used) unless it's a headshot.

As for my Loadouts, I usually vary on what I use, though that because I'm trying to complete the insane weapon challenges. Seriously, it takes forever to get a gun to 1000 Kills. The attachments though are pretty much the same for all the guns I use, except for specific ones like the Snipers which have limited options. The numbers on the Internals are for the order I use. Like for the pistols I'll choose the Accurized Barrel first.


Optic: Holographic Sight

Rails: Laser Sight

Muzzle: Suppressor

Ammo: Match Grade Ammo

Internal: 1. Accurized Barrel / 2. Match Grade Trigger / 3. Weight balance

Alternate Weapon:

Optic: Holographic Sight

Rails: Angled Foregrip / Laser Sight

Muzzle: Suppressor / Compensator

Magazine: Extended Mag

Ammo: Match Grade Ammo / Fletchette

Internal: 1. Accurized Barrel / 2. Tuned Recoil Buffer / 3. Match Grade Trigger