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Level 18, I consider myself a below average spy but above average merc. Something I am doing wrong with loadouts? Any recommendations? Spy 1 (aggressive/ hack defender) EMF Flash/EMP nade Rfd blocker helmet Intel suit Melee gloves Gadget pants Sprint boots MAC-11 (for the lulz) Px4 Spy 2 (super stealth/hacking) EMF EMP nades RFD blocker Ghillie suit Melee gloves ID Disruptor pants Stun bow Px4 Merc 1 (area defender) Motion sensor Mines/ intel device Range helmet Disruptor suit Reload gloves Gadget legs Sharpshooter boots SASG-12 Makarov Merc 2 (clearing hacked areas) Motion sensor Frags/VX Range helmet Adrenaline suit Gadget legs Sharpshooter boots Reload gloves ACE Makarov