im done with this franchise

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they ruined it again. this stupid, fast, fake gamesplay from conviction is here to stay. but i am not. i miss the old sc games, when they bring it back, then i will play sc. and buy the way, who was that spy in the trailer? sure as hell did not look like sam or sound like him. 

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I second this motion. Splinter Cell was THE reason I bought the original Xbox back in the day, but after witnessing the horror called Blacksh**s, I regret to inform Sarah Fisher that her father died in the line of duty immediately following the conclusion of the events known as Chaos Theory. R.I.P. Sam..

BTW, Ironside is NOT voicing Sam this time. It's Eric Johnson!?

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Yes true, the old splinter cell, specifically 1 and 2, were far better than the newer ones created. Doucle agent was interesting, but convictions was not so great. Mainly because the story was becoming to dramatic... let's stick to covert ops here! anyways, ill rent this one, because ev en though my resentment, SC still seems worth the play. Not the buy though.

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i agree its over sad to see this happen to such a great series
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Personally I don't mind where the gameplay has gone, it's the character I'm worried about.


They could of just created a new character, and thus this entry would make sense.

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This is splinter cell in name only.  Pure trash.  Conviction was the worst thing that ever happened to this series.  At least we still have Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six.

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"buy the way"? is that a joke?
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Me too, I'm done.
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This is splinter cell in name only.  Pure trash.  Conviction was the worst thing that ever happened to this series.  At least we still have Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six.



Lol. Is that a joke? R6 and GR are further from their originals than splinter cell by a LONG shot. I could of gotten over this had GR not been released as a BETA as it had some good ideas. However R6 was always the ultimate tactics game of the Clancy series, which coincidentally became the least tactical, nothing more than a corridor crawl.


Splinter cell at least retains its stealth elements and general gameplay, even if they have been revamped to suit a more action orientated game style.

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I have played all the SC games . In recent years they have got progressively worse. The last outing was dismal, abandoning all the aspects that made the series special. UBisoft has lost its way. I also bought their Ghost recon title, another game from classical PC lineage. That has also suffered the same fate as SC, and been consolised beyond recognition.

Throw in UBI's own brand of ridiculous anti piracy measures and you have a perfect xxxx storm. I will not be buying this, and oh wait I can all ready see the score.

7.5, slow hand claps.............

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It's over for me too.

Splinter Cell is like that pretty, curvy girl you used to romp with who became a Goth, covered herself in tatoos and then had 5 kids by 5 different guys. Now I hear she's taken up weightlifting, and is currently doing course of steroids.

She has the same name, but she's not the same girl. And though you'll treasure forever the days where you used to go for long walks in the countryside on a balmy summer's evening, and lie in a wheat field after mammalianshenanigans, and playfully argue about who loved each other the most, you know it's just something that'll never happen again.

Goodbye Splinter Cell. Thanks for good times. No, thanks for the great times. I hope you find what you're looking for. And I thank my lucky stars you never got a chance to give me any unpronouncable diseases. 

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Yes goodbye from me to. Even though I tried the first game and had to many problems with it and since have not played any of them. I'm really here to talk about Ghost Recon the first game or so was great and now they ruined that. I may browse some YT gameplay footage in August to see what the "more action" means, otherwise I have better games to pick from. Sorry, Wild Bill
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SCC was the worst but i do think they are trying to fix this now in SCB however the fast walking is still **** IMO also the fact that Sam and everyone are suddenly younger again...
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Oh it doesn't look that bad. I think people have a lot of issues when it comes to worshipping old Xbox games. At least the devs are making the PC version to be a technical bench mark. I would probably be upset if I had to pay more to play it on 360 though.

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You know its weird I feel once Lambert was killed or to say double agent, thats when the series took a turn and doesn't seem so well with the story.

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If you like the old style of Splinter Cell, there's what, four or five games with that playstyle? Go play those if you miss the old days that much. This franchise has been around since the launch of the original Xbox, to say that changes aren't needed to keep it fresh tells me that you're naive.

As I said, if you want the playstyles of old, go play the older ones.. Chaos Theory, more specifically. That game was perfect.

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"If you like the old style of Splinter Cell, there's what, four or five games with that playstyle?" what are those 4 or 5 games?
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1. Splinter Cell 2. Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow 3. Splinter Cell Chaos Theory 4. Splinter Cell Double Agent (meh) Am I right?
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Honestly you are only cheating yourself. It may not be old school splinter cell but it's a great stealth experience and a great game in general.
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ha oh right, i thought there were some other non-SC games that were v similar to the playing style. I can think of a few mind, Manhunt from a few years back (loved this game so so much, brutal and brilliant) and Saboteur (not v well-known, underrated, based in wwII france but again fantastic). 

are the other Tom Clancy sagas similar to SC in any way?

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Wouldnt you guys agree that its not so much the gameplay with interaction but the mechanics and levels that are being played?

They have made it as if its Sam vs the world when it's nothing like that, a lot of espionage goes on behind the scenes, real heros we never hear off but with Sam Fisher its a "team game".

The President isnt supposed to even much about him along with the Ghost Recon teams yet they have turned them into cheap Action style Hollywood movies.