Freezes constantly

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Has anyone else had major problems with running this game. Everytime I want to play it I have to clear my hard drive cache and then it will randomly freeze on load screens or during video. 


I've reinstalled the discs etc and tried swapping between them but it still does it. My xbox works perfectly with all other games so it isn't the console. I've looked online and people are reporting the same issue on PS3 and Wii U. I have been in touch with Ubisoft but they deny all knowledge of a console bug and say it must be my disc!! 


If anyone else has thsi proplem please do let me know! 

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ya i been having same problem i got it on ps3 and downloaded it on psn it freezing up on loading screens and videos and it freezing on pc for my bro to and he has a new pc so it a game problem kinda a disappointment that a game looks so good but cant play

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It used to crash for me at the start of the game. Changing the settings in video.ini file helped but the game is buggy