Did everyone at first glance think this was a prequel?

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I did when I saw Sam's apparent age and his voice change, but after seeing his sonar goggles and the uttering of FOURTH ECHELON :question: I was suspended in disbelief.

Wasn't Sam a Navy SEAL? Didn't he have an illustrious past of covert assignments? Why can't we go into that? Then at least his new appearance would make sense, and we could possibly have a more classic splinter cell with the technology gap. Like doing the Chaos Theory mission in wartorn Seoul, except instead of Souel you have Baghdad or Kuwait City. 

Sam even fought the Soviets in their invasion of Afghanistan, operated behind the Iron Curtain, the invasion of Panama, fought arms dealers in Africa... the list goes on.

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I'm wondering if Sam's retired or dead, and they're simply using the name 'Sam Fisher' as a nom de guerre for whomever is the senior splinter cell currently in service.  Apparently, 3rd Echelon had to be transformed into 4th Echelon in order to continue the mission, and a newer agent is in action.  To keep opponents of 3E guessing, they're throwing up smokescreens, including using Sam's name as a handle for the on-point new agent.

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that would be such a good plot device, it would explain everything but i don't think that that's the case with this game. it's just immortal Sam fisher doing what he does best
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We now know of course that they've done something of a 'soft reboot' with the game, ratcheting back the character's apparent age with no particular explanation.  From the character dialogue, it's clear that nothing of past events has changed.  They've simply revised his appearance and provided a new, younger voice actor.


I'm presently enjoying Blacklist greatly - and so is my wife.  The box says nothing about split-screen play (we're on the X360), but fortunately it is indeed included as an option when you're setting up a co-op match.  We'll be runnin' an' gunnin' just like we were in Conviction.  However, now we have many more options...

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yup it's definately the strangest type of reboot i've ever seen. there is an explanation it's just not a good one lol