D50 damage question

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I was wondering if the Desert Eagle(D50) is, or can be upgrade to, a one shot kill to the body weapon in single player. Or is it like conviction where despite the stats bar it takes just as many shots to kill as the other pistols in this game? Also how many pistol mags can you hold at a time? Thanks
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I've done extensive testing with the D50 in SP so here's the scoop. It is the strongest handgun in the game, barely beating out the protocol pistol (this is all with Anti-armor rounds which give it the biggest punch). It takes two hits anywhere on the body (except the head - more on that later) to drop a normal enemy within its maximum effective range. It takes 4 hits to drop an enemy spy. The protocol pistol will drop regular guys in two hits as long as you get them in the torso or stomach. Limb shots increases that to three. Unfortunately you only get 6-7 pistol clips depending on what suit you're wearing. With the D50's 9 round clip and a Raven suit, that puts total ammo at about 60 rounds. Which is enough to get by, but the protocol pistol puts it to shame with a total of about 130 rounds. I think the D50 got shafted. No one is going to take a .50 cal to the chest at 7 yards and walk away. It's fairly obvious that the designers paid little attention to real world .50 cal pistols (even though .50 cal pistols are not at all feasible). What they should have done is make it a one-shot kill out to its maximum effective range and added recoil that at least mimics the real thing (the recoil now looks like a subsonic 9mm). The fact that it can't be silenced, has the smallest clip in the game, and should have wrist-shattering recoil, would have made the D50 a challenging weapon that made you think twice before abandoning your 5-7. But it's sheer power would have provided incentive to those who wanted to master it. I think the developers really missed the mark, here. I should also note that no matter how powerful, every handgun and smg in the game must hit an enemy helmet twice before popping it off. The exception is the protocol weapons which pop a helmet in one shot regardless of it being the pistol or the smg. That is where the D50 really got shafted. Assuming you could hit someone in the helmet, their head would be turned to spaghetti when it encountered a .50 cal round, except in Blacklist where it apparently takes three consecutive headshots to down anyone. The fact that the D50 is three bars more powerful than the protocol pistol makes no difference in its ability to deal damage to an enemy's helmet. That really sucks. Think about it this way: it takes 3 shots to drop a regular enemy by shots to the head (two to the helmet and then one to the exposed head). It takes 2 shots to the chest to kill the same freaking guy. That's not right. It takes 3 headshots to drop an enemy spy, but four to the chest or body - obviously it's easier to just hit him in the body and lose the extra round. The heavy shotgunners can only be hit in the head and it takes three shots like everyone else. Mark & Execute is the exception to this rule - all weapons knock the helmet off in one hit. The D50 is the most powerful handgun, but it's still a disappointment. For those people who like to rock Assault, they got shafted by the pistols. Too bad, it has such potential.
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In a short answer...yes!