Any way of playing the co-op missions on your own?

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I don't have my xbox connected to the internet and none of my mates are into playing this, or any other games. BUT I really want to play the co-op games, is this possible? I've got two controllers. Could I just have one guy hiding behind a wall near the start while I plough on, battering through the bad guys on my own then bring #2 guy to the end point after I've done all the killing? Please let me know! Love this game series and want to get the absolute most out of it!

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Split screen is an option. Some can be done solo. It seems that there are those that are co-op only...but I guess you could connect your controller and not play with the second character.
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In theory yeah, you'd just have to move Briggs up when it came to breaches but I'm yet to experience a mission that I couldn't do that on.. but I haven't done that many ^^

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cool, thanks. keen to get every last drop out of this superb game. a lot of people going nuts about the online aspect of this (and previous SC games) so i'll have to get on with that one day. speaking of which, are the online bits for all the older SC games still active? got the reissue of the first three for ps3 and wondering if i could (and should?) go online with that?