Any news on DLC?

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By DLC I mean proper things, new levels, more of these 4e missions, not like a new pair of pink boots or whatever. The extra deniable ops stuff for conviction was superb, be great to get more stuff like that at some point. 

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There hasn't been any news, nope. But i am sure one is in works can't leave fans hanging
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I believe that they will probably put out a dlc package some more single-player campaign (after all, the ending is somewhat of a cliffhanger, and the SMI room has the Blacklist ops on hold on that screen above Sam's head to the right), as well as some more missions from all the folks on the plane.  They might well add yet another character - in fact, from Grim's last mission, you wind up with Kestrel from the co-op on Conviction, minus his tatoo sleeves.  (Sorry for the spoiler.)

I imagine Kestrel could come up with some really interesting missions set in Russia vs VORON.