An absolutely awesome shooter where you fight terrorists. Outstandly fun and requires stealth. Co-op is all the better!!

User Rating: 8.5 | Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six N64
Gameplay, An amazing technical achievement. A must get Nintendo 64 game. Great gameplay overall, great story, great controlls and just plain fun to do. Completely awesome with friends on Co-op mode. Kill terrorists defend America, defuse bombs, shoot! Anything. Great game.

Graphics, good for an Nintendo 64. Now a days if you look at it... hmm it won't make you stop playing or anything.

Sound, good music, good sound, just good. nothing good nothing wrong.

Value, variety of difrent levels, and weapons and its just plain fun. Good story great stealth stuff..... fun. Great re-play value with any level. Just.... fun fun fun!


The Good, Graphics are good, Sound is good, Just fun replay value to do missions over and over. With friends it is superb.

The Bad, A little short.... some glitches you can fall in to. Could of used vehicles? hmm.