"No good unless you are a tac. sim addict"

User Rating: 1.9 | Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six PC
The good: This game, unlike most FPS games of its time, requires strategy, planning and teamwork, adding a whole new aspect to gameplay
The bad: Retarded hostage A.I., tactical system is hard to use at times.

When I got Rainbow Six, I had expected something that was mind- bogglingly great. At first look, I thought it really was. It was more deep than other games I could play and it had a lot more options. Instead of simply having to take weapons from dead enemies, you could choose from a wide variety of
weapons and ammunition as well as many different accessories. After that, though, things start to become less fun. The planning system, which basically allows you to write out the instructions for your team, can be clumsy and inconvinient. What you do is you put a bunch of points that go out in a specific direction for one team and then you decide what to use go codes for. While being able to tell them where to move is a good idea, the go code assignment is definitely not. Most of the time, you will never even see the rest of your team, making go codes next to useless, since most of the go codes have to do with fighting an enemy and you need to know what the exact situation is in order to understand which go code to use, but going to visit every team to tell them what to do whenever they are in trouble can be a real pain and be dangerous. Also, the hostage A.I. is retarded. Sometimes, I will be doing everything right with no cheats on and then the hostages will simply sit there as if I didn't exist. Another thing is the fact that the hostages, when you do manage to get them to follow you, don't understand the concept of moving backwards and going around something when they're stuck does not seem to ever have entered their minds. Another thing is that the weapon sounds are terrible. Most of them do not sound like they belong to the weapons that use them and they sound too elctronic. Finally, the weapon animations are trrible. All that happens when you fire is a flash of light comes out the barrel along with sound and a hole appears wherever you pointd the gun. There are no other animations, such as the blowback feature on most pistols or the slide on a shotgun. The reload animations are even worse. All your character does is wave his hand near the magazine, which is followed by a click of some sort.
This game might be fun for tactical sim addicts, but noone else.