User Rating: 3.5 | Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six (World Greatest Hits) PS
This game could have turned off alot better if the develepors had actually tried to adjust a few minor parts in the game. But since they didn't, this came out!

The game was mildly fun, the first few levels were alright but I also had a constant thought in my mind- what the hell do I do?! The horrid controls don't help with the gameplay either. I mean, it feels like I'm playing mario and the controls are all scattered and in the wrong places.

And what's up with the graphics in this game? It looks like a slightly updated wolfenstein game. Graphics on the Playstation should be alot better than this!
I can understand it was originally for the computer, but c'mon!

So all in all, if you see this game I wouldn't reccommend buying it. You won't get a bit of enjoyment from it, and you'll probably turn it down.