this game is a classic shooting game that rocks!!!!

User Rating: 8.4 | Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six PC
This game is a really good shooting game with tons of stuff to do!!!!!!!!!

Gameplay: You are a soldier in the rainbow six squad and you are trying to save the hostages of the terrorists. You get a lot of missions and tons of weapons to choose from. How cool is that????

Graphics: The graphics are great for a this kind of games. The weapons are cool and the areas are full with cool stuff like doors or so.

Sound: My promblam with this game was the sound. The weapon's sound is very cool but that is it there is no sound besides that.

Value: You can play hours trying to finish the game on the hardest difficulty but the game it self is too short.

Reviewer's tilt: Overall this is a sweet shooter game and you should buy and try finish it in the hardest difficulty.