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User Rating: 10 | Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six N64
Rainboe Six is one of my favorite N64 games. In fact, this is my top 5 for N64

Snowboard Kids
007: World is Not Enough
Legend of Zelda: OOT
Rainbow Six

and for good reasons. I've been playing this game since I was 6 years old. And it never gets old. Every mission is a hostage situation and the point of each mission is to kill all the terrorists and save all the hostages. Theres only one problem with this game. The fourth level is impossible. It's an infiltration mission, you have to save the hostages, you can't be seen by any guards and you can't kill any guards or else you automatically lose. It takes a while for you to lose the game. You basically have to be the worst gamer in the world to lose this game. You get to choose yet team for four. If one of them dies durring a mission they automatically get replaced in the next misson. Theres about a million operatives, so if they all die then you shouldn't even be fricken playing video games. You should be crying yourself to sleep, damning your mind and harnds for being so horrible at life. Well thats my opinion on Rainbow Six and anyone who sucks at it.