A great game on the wrong Format

User Rating: 5.4 | Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six (World Greatest Hits) PS
This is a great game as I have seen before on gamecube. I was hugely dissapointed with the graphics on the playstation as the colours, textures and smoothness let down the whole game. This game is also very easy. within 20 minutes I was on level 5 (that's all I've played of it) and the missions could be made a bit more adventurous. The basic outine is opening a load of doors, shooting bad guys, saving someone and maybe dissarming a bomb or two.

The game has decent sounds to it, although when you enter a building, enter any room and as soon as you leave it, the are no sounds coming from outside at all. Freaky.

If PS is your only console and you would like this game, get it if it's a couple of quid, but if you have any of the other formats that it's on, get it on any of them!