No matter what you think of the latest one, you'll always flock back to original. As great as the book and a must-play.

User Rating: 9.5 | Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six PC
Sure it may have been made at the turn of the new millennium and it may have had abysmal graphics compared to the latest releases of the saga but this game brought the great book to a PC or console which even kept some characters from the story such as Ding Chavez and Alistair Stanley along with introducing some more Rainbow operatives.
For the first game of its series it had a great storyline like many of Clancy's books and video games and many of us who have read such books and played such games by him have come to expect that from his games, we wouldn't be playing Splinter Cell if it had a weak storyline and stayed off the genre of the game. The game lived up to the said requirement because you couldn't jump into the first level with a shotgun, climb up the ladder, run down the hallway with no strategy whatsoever, throw a frag grenade into the room where the hostage was being held and call the game a tactical shooter. Now the way the game was designed which some of us were sadly shown, you had to formulate a proper infiltration strategy, study the map, equip your team with proper gear which included what armor your team wore along with what weapons and items they carried. Many missions if not all required a near-silent infiltration, a swift and precise completion of the objective, and a stealthy exfiltration.
I will also say this game did have some weaknesses. This was geared towards a crowd that preferred strategy in their game and was not what you would call a game for the die-hard Duke Nukem fan. The amount of weapons and items fell short where you couldn't have a weapon like a silenced M16 with 5.56 rounds which could take a 'tango' down faster but you could have a MP5SD6 with 9mm rounds that took a couple hits to incapacitate an enemy. This game was also not designed to be a FPS and sometimes you had to switch to the third-person view to get a good shot off because you couldn't see the gun in your hands and even in the third person view it was somewhat hard to aim in areas like the Embassy's hallways and along with that it could have had a better aiming system. The whole incapacitated/dead system also annoyed me, really why bother what it going do for you. It would be easier for them to just kill the operative and then pull out one of their runner up candidates for operative except for those absolutely needed in the Tom Clancy books like Ding Chavez for Executive Orders. These things I don't care for are probably small things and yes I understand that the year was 1998 and the game may pale in comparison to Rainbow Six Vegas and Vegas 2 but those are just my problems from a review ten years later and I'm will probably say the same thing about Vegas 2 essentially I'm trying to say is that game developers are simplifying games gradually and we are letting it get by with all these easy levels just slumping down into a gradual free fall unless we are talking about games that keep to the genre like Metal Gear and other great games like Madden which has definitely increased it difficulty with 09. This is just my opinion however and I'm in no way forcing you to agree with my opinion.