Realism on the Nintendo 64.

User Rating: 8 | Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six N64
Back in 1998, Tom Clancy has released a novel entitled "Rainbow Six". To increase it's popularity, Red Storm Entertainment has developed Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six novel as a video game; a first person shooter. But not just some run-and-gun shooter, a tactical shooter, a FPS that contains realism and real life strategy. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six has made tactics one of the most iconic aspects in realistic shooters; which made the planning also the most iconic aspect.

Presentation: 5.0/10
Unfortunately, due to the N64's technical limitations, there's no video intro from the PC version.

Graphics: 6.5/10
The visuals aren't well textured as other games in 1999, but were better than the PSX version pretty much by a longshot. The game's textures are very blurry and foggy. There is no weapon graphic, which I found questionable.

Sound/Music: 7.5/10
The sound effects are realistic and are plain. The gunshot sound effects aren't as loud and compelling as real ones. The soundtrack is okay, but technical limitations limits their duration. The voice acting is adequate, but noticeably, there are only male voice samples, and there are some female operatives. I'm probably just nitpicking.

Controls: 7.8/10
The first preset controls are very iffy. "Z" fires your weapon, "B" switches weapon, "A" zooms in, C-Buttons move and strafe your operative, "R" runs, "L" reloads, D-pad up, down, and right are action, D-pad left is night vision, and the thumbstick looks around. I like the preset controls 2 better, since it's more simplified. I also like the looking inverted for Nintendo 64.

Gameplay: 8.8/10
The gameplay is a real life first person shooting simulator. The gameplay focuses on both realism and strategy. This is the type of game where instead of mowing your ways down the hall, it's better to walk cautiously and strafe around walls for terrorists, and act fast, because you won't last long in an all-out firefight. Your health also has a bit of realism, too. The chances of dying in Rainbow Six could be a fraction of a second if you're not careful.

Lasting Value: 7.0/10
Unfortunately, there are only 12 missions, in comparison of 18 on the PC version. There's also a 2-player co-op mode, but it's still feels short.