This game....if you can call it that, is just terrible in almost every single way you can possibly think of.

User Rating: 2.6 | Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six (World Greatest Hits) PS
Rainbow Six for the PSone is THE worst team-based game i've ever played. There is absolutley no good reason at all why you should play this game. The gameplay is way too easy, because the AI is incredibly dumb. The only thing they do is stand around and shoot, that's all. They get stuck in doors, they barely miss you even if they're right in front of you, I don't even know if they should've been included in the game at all if they're that stupid. The whole thing is rushed, broken, and simply unplayable, and you might as well trade it in for something better, like MGS or something. The graphics are really, REALLY bad. The framerate slows down way too much, and the character and environment design are in no way, shape or form, realistic. It all looks like a lego playset if you stare at it close enough, and no, i'm not kidding. The sound isn't any better. The guns don't sound powerful at all, the voices are terrible, and the music studders constantly throughout the whole game. That's all I have to say about that. Overall, this is quite possibly one of the worst games i've ever played. It should not be tried out by anyone and is a total waste of time. You should only buy this game if your all out of coasters, that's all.