Taste the rainbow.

User Rating: 7 | Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six N64
I remember seeing the original PC version for Rainbow 6 and reading all the pizazz from the guys at PCGamer. However I tend to dislike games where all you can see is the crosshair, no gun. I like to look down and see my character's feet, that kind of thing. The graphics weren't impressive, but I decided to give it a shot for the 64. As I suspected, the graphics aren't very good, but the realism was nice, although there were times when it wasn't so real. There are levels that are almost impossible to beat without auto-aim, such as the 1st level where the heavy greenery camoflage the enemy, but on a high difficulty level the terrorists always know when you're coming and it's 1 shot, 1 kill for them. You can share the fun with a friend in co-op, but that's about all the fun there is. We found several bugs in the game that made us restart a current level, and sometimes the objectives are too vague. For example, do this or something. You do it, but the game doesn't end. You'll have to spend the next hour or more figuring out what the game wants you to do, very frustrating. I like the score, it has been deliberately set so that everytime you open a door, there's a suspense sound make you nervous.