A terrific game about a year ago, but not anymore.

User Rating: 7.5 | Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas X360
Rainbow Six Vegas was graphically and in terms of its controls a great game about a year ago, but after Halo 3, Call of Duty 4 and The Orange Box it's just an average terrorist hunting game with squad commands and an interesting cover system.

Story puts you in the shoes of a newly appointed Rainbow team leader Logan Keller, with 2 squad mates fighting against terrorists. Missions consist mostly of rescuing hostages and defusing bombs. There are some interesting twists and turns, which will leave you waiting for a sequel.

Graphics were great a year ago, but now they are just average and a little too grainy to my eyes. Also the frame rate takes a hit when there's a lot stuff flying in the air. Music and sounds are OK, but the score is usually a little too dominating when comparing it to the actual action happening on screen. This makes the otherwise good music annoying to listen. There's also quite a lot of voice acting, but no subtitles, which is a drawback and should not happen anymore in this kind of games. All in all I must say that the audio visual presentation of Rainbow Six Vegas is a disappointment especially after Call of Duty 4, The Orange Box and Halo 3.

Gameplay is pretty much your standard first person shooting, but with a great cover system and a good squad to assist you in your mission. When pulling the left trigger Logan takes cover and from there you can either take a closer aim or fire blindly behind your position. The AI of your 2 squad mates is great making the game a lot easier and giving orders is done with a D-pad. In my opinion the using of one's own squad is the best part of the game.

Unfortunately especially at the beginning of the game it's not always clear about what you should be doing. Luckily this aspect is being removed later on, because it's pretty much just pushing forward and killing terrorists. Controlling Logan is not so fluidly executed as you might expect: you can't run or jump and all in all Logan is a stiff guy to control.

Save system uses checkpoints, which in my opinion are too few and far between and since you can die in just a few shots you might end up playing the same spots over and over again. This gets irritating very quickly. There should be more checkpoints or the ability to save anywhere anytime. Or both just like in The Orange Box and Bioshock.

Multiplayer is a whole another game. For starters it's a great feature to be able to put your own face to your character by using an Xbox Live Vision camera. This way the fights become more personal, but for some reason in the game I appear to be bald. Graphics in multiplayer are even worse than what they are in the single player, but at least there are quite an amount of different game options to choose from.

The ability to kick unwanted players from a game is too easy and this meant that I was unable to find myself a match to play in: everyone saw from my rank that I'm a noob and kick me out before the match even got started.

Rainbow Six Vegas was a good game about a year ago, but now you should just skip it, wait for the sequel and in the meantime play Call of Duty 4 instead.