very good sequel

User Rating: 7.5 | Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 X360
the first game was solid and introduced tons of new gameplay styles and mechanics. The sequel has improved some of the minor issues from the first game, but not enough in some cases. The single player is short but very fun and fluid. You wont play through the same locations as the first game, which is nice as your environments are more based on sites outside of the Vegas strip district. The XP system has been improved drastically, probably the best improvement to the series. The first game, once you reached a specific felt like it took forever to continue ranking. This new system has corrected the issue by adding bonus unlockables, which now also include XP points. The game online is a blast....much hasn't changed online vs battles, but the games i've encountered are extremely hopefully thats fixed soon. Terrorist Hunt has been improved, with a better presentation menu layout and now you can go solo with CPU AI teammates. Overall its an awesome game...if you loved the first, get this one....but dont be expecting a generation advancement.

Online is still congested with horrible pretty disappointed, especially when the game is almost identical to the first and the online should be perfected by now.